Our Solutions


At Headwater Management, we have been in the excavation business for more than 20 years. And with so much of our work on the North Shore, we have gained unmatched experience solving problems with rocky, steep and hard-to-access sites.

We have a full range of machinery for excavating, site grading, backfilling, stone slinging, earth moving and rock removal. We provide services for contractors, municipal agents and homeowners, for jobs of all sizes.
We will make sure that your challenge is solved efficiently and economically, using the best equipment and materials available.


Our specialty is providing solutions for all drainage projects. We can install new drainage and replace existing drainage systems, replace waterlines, build sump systems and replace damaged drainage tiling. Maintaining your perimeter drainage will be your best defense against flooding, and we can make sure you are taking the best long-term approach possible.

Landscape Materials

Our yard has over 20 kinds of materials for your landscaping and site preparation needs. From the home gardener all the way to the commercial landscaping contractor, the quality and diversity of our products will satisfy any project.

Drop in and check out our yard. You will be amazed what you will find. And everything is stored in clean and well- maintained bins to ensure quality and reliability.

You can come to us for a small load in your own vehicle. Or we can deliver any amount to your site. And ask about our split loads. We are here to make sure you find the right solution, at the right price.


Headwater Management has the capability for any kind of removal from your site, whether it is an old house, a partial structure, extra fill or an old oil tank. We have the experience and the environmental controls in place to make the removal safe and economical. And we donate and recycle as much of your materials as we can.

We are constantly innovation to meet the changing needs of the construction industry, and it shows in all our bonded and insured services.

Portable Waste Bins

We can deliver and pick up waste bins in a range of sizes, to help you save money on your project. Large or small, this is a safe and easy solution to your renovation and landscaping projects.

Snow Removal

We have bonded and insured equipment and operators for snow removal on private roadways, multi-tenant residential and commercial buildings, commercial and retail parking lots and complexes all over the North Shore. Let us schedule a removal service when the weather gets cold so you will be ready for those “surprises” we sometimes see here next to the mountains